Streamlined Five-Step Ordering
Process for Your Amish Built Cabin

At Amish Built Cabins, LLC, we understand that the journey towards owning your dream Amish built cabin should be as seamless and professional as the final product itself. That’s why we’ve designed a meticulous five-step ordering process that ensures precision, clarity, and your complete satisfaction. Discover the pathway to making your cabin dreams a reality:

Amish-built Cabin Flow

Cabin Selection and Initial Payment

20% down is to be put down before anything to lock in the pricing and put in your build cue for a cabin. We then begin by sharing your vision with us. Choose the size and style of cabin you desire. Our knowledgeable team will assist you in finding the perfect match to suit your needs and preferences.


Project Management

Our expertise comes into play as we collaborate to refine your cabin's interior layout and floor plan. We work closely with you to ensure every detail aligns with your vision, creating a space that's tailored to your unique lifestyle.


Initiate Build With Your Approved Floor Plan

With your approved floor plan in hand, we move forward. Submit 50% of the cabin cost to initiate the construction process. Your Amish built cabin starts taking shape, guided by our commitment to quality craftsmanship.


Ready for Delivery

Anticipation builds as your cabin nears completion within 10 to 12 weeks. We'll notify you when your cabin is ready and coordinate a suitable delivery schedule. At this stage, the final 30% payment, along with the delivery and setup fee, is due.


Seamless Setup

The moment you've been waiting for arrives – your brand new Amish-built cabin is delivered to your land. Our expert team ensures a smooth installation process. We carefully reassemble the cabin, confirming the water-tight integrity of the roof and the structural integrity of the cabin. Railings on porches, interior staircases, and, for 2-story cabins, upstairs walkways, are meticulously put back in place.

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High-Quality Cabins Built

And there you have it – a beautiful Amish built cabin that’s not only a haven of comfort but also a strategic investment. Whether you plan to enjoy the tranquility of your cabin, explore income-generating opportunities like Airbnb or rentals, or enhance the value of your property, your cabin becomes a source of joy and prosperity.

At Amish Built Cabins, LLC, we’re not just building cabins; we’re building relationships and fulfilling dreams. Our proven five-step process reflects our dedication to excellence and your utmost satisfaction. Welcome to a world where quality, precision, and your vision come together to create extraordinary Amish built cabins.

Contact us today to embark on your cabin journey or inquire about becoming a part of our thriving cabin community. Your dreams are our foundation, and we can’t wait to build them with you.