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Frequently Asked Questions

The average price is $45 to $85 per heated square foot.

Our log homes are estimated to cost anywhere between $180-$325 per square foot once fully built, depending on the part of the country and additional materials used.

It typically takes 3-4 months for the entire process. Construction of the shell may take up to 1-2 months, or more, based on the size of the home.
Some common approaches are to reduce the square footage or build on a slab. Our Log Home Specialists can help you with other ideas.

The materials package includes everything on the exterior except the top cover of the roof (shingles, metal roofing, etc.), the fixed trapezoidal glass in the upper gable, and the outside stairs to the grade. On the inside, all framing is done, including stairs and you will be ready for mechanical rough-in.

The general answer, of course, is anything that’s not on our applicable materials list. But, the work and materials you will be responsible for include:

  • Excavation, foundation, supports to grade. All site preparation.
  • Roof shingles or metal roofing, fixed glass in upper gables.
  • Exterior stairs/stair rails to grade (unless added to your eLoghomes materials package if distances to grades known)
  • Mechanical systems: Electrical, HVAC, and plumbing;
  • Finished flooring, framed interior wall coverings, finished stairs;
  • All additional insulation
  • Installation of eLoghomes supplied interior stair/loft rail systems
  • Lighting fixtures;
  • Cabinets, vanities, appliances;
  • Preservative for exterior log and log sided walls;
  • Driveway, landscaping.
  • The Gold Premium Materials Package incorporates the following upgrades to the Silver Complete Materials Package:

    • Low-E, Anderson Series 400 Vinyl Clad units and patio doors in terratone only are upgraded to Andersen Series 400 Vinyl Clad units with a choice of color
    • 4×6 porch posts are upgraded to 8 in. -14 in. diameter Handcrafted Log porch posts
    • Soffits and porch ceilings are upgraded from 3/8 in. rough sawn plywood to 1X6 White Pine Tongue & Groove V-Notch paneling
    • Gable end overhangs are extended from 12 in. to 24 in.
    • Final Blueprints sealed by an engineer licensed for your state (if needed)
Because of the complexities involved in transporting those larger pieces of glass, it is much more cost-effective and reliable for our customers to purchase that locally, and have a professional installation company from your area install it. As part of our Construction Service, we will frame out the area for the fixed glass to be installed.
  • Most of our specifications are on our website in the log home gallery. You are always welcome to contact one of our Log Home Specialists as well.

Blueprints are included as part of your log home materials package order, from the Preliminary Blueprint stage (elevations, floor plans, with revisions made in consultation with you) all the way to Final Blueprints (elevations, floor plans, subfloor, and roof framing plans, interior framing, porches/decks). We also supply a basic, preliminary foundation plan.

We will supply PDF’s of blueprints at no charge. If printed copies of final blueprints are required, we will provide up to 5 sets at an additional charge.

You can also purchase standard blueprints of our models for $279.95 after you’ve registered on our website before completing the agreement with eLoghomes, and that amount will be credited to you whenever you buy the material package.






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